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-Rachel M. Leong-

spoken word poet. advocate. learner. educator.

Rachel M. Leong

Rachel M. Leong is a poet, advocate and educator with a heart for pursuing truth, justice, and light.

She was born on the East coast, raised in the West coast and islands, and calls Hawai'i home. Her work focuses on advocating for the marginalized, specifically people of color and women. Currently, she is pursuing her Master's degree and has a heart for research and history of the Asian American experience. She serves in Higher Education and hopes to pursue a doctorate.

You can find her soaking up the sun, in deep conversation about identity development, or cooking Asian food for her friends.

Voices Conference at GFU 2017:

Open Your Eyes

Voices Conference at GFU 2018:

Dear Semicolon Squint Eyes, I'm Sorry

Lamenting White Christian Nationalism 2021:

I Wanna Go Home

April 2021:

When I Sing in a Choir

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